About this space.

I am a registered midwife who lives sustainably minimal and curates art cautiously. I have a ravening appetite for reading at night and writing on here. I have some of my works published in Tampered Press and To grow in two bodies.

I’m bhurbx
I like music and movies that make me cry
I prefer sitcoms to whatsoever
I’m a crime investigation addict.I’m a detective show junkie. Law & Order, SVU or Criminal Intent are two of my favorites
I try to sing. I love to write
I’m not too good at either of those
I’m opinionated, but I really don’t care that much
I’m mostly wrong
But I’m always right
I’m very curious
I am most at times said to be a critique
Anyways to some extent, I can say I am
I’m in love with love.
I have a blog and this is it.
I’d prefer you to visit here often to see what I have to offer.

The name “In yellow and gray” came up after a night of soul searching. I was going through my phone looking for wallpaper when I saw an architecture painted all yellow in a picture. I started to wonder why I dislike bright colors and all of a sudden I was looking at colors and their meaning.

I found out that Yellow meant freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, while gray means dull, dirty, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated and it’s often associated with loss or depression. These two colors said a lot about me more than anything hence I decided to just call this space “in yellow and gray”

I started this blog out of extreme boredom and curiosity as to how blogging feels like. How does it feel like to put your life out there on the internet and by two or three clicks someone somewhere who has no relation to you will see everything and probably know everything about you!

In this space, you’d read about a lot of things and see a lot of things or probably you’d see nothing and read about anything. Fun, wisdom, creativity, beauty, interest, and some other things are mostly subjective; thus they are what you say they are. Nevertheless, feel free to visit.

“…Starting is not a problem in some cases but keeping up or continuing is where the problem proper is….” says anonymous!

I intend to make this space welcoming for the young and curious, for those who want something different and are searching for the ideal peace and to those who think they are the only “weird one”. This space; is not mine only but yours as well.

Send me a text if you want to talk, connect with me on my social media platforms, and ask me anything!

Welcome to my “not soo introvert but introvert” life in ink! Do not be a stranger to this space, this can be your avenue!