Is Any One Researching Death Actively?

Because I want to know so that I can follow that research. This will be very much suited for another chapter of "sex sent me to the E.R" but I think it's far deeper than that so I'm just going to write this as an individual story.  I asked this question on my Instagram story … Continue reading Is Any One Researching Death Actively?

Defining barbarah And Returning.

At this point, I hold nothing against you if you are receiving a notification or email notifying you that I have posted again and you roll your eyes. I am actually rolling my eyes at myself too. You are even allowed to chuckle, kiss your teeth or even unsubscribe from getting notified when I post … Continue reading Defining barbarah And Returning.

Korean Series Should Be The Best Entertainment.

How do I start to talk about this one?Korean Dramas are highly addictive!!They may not be very realistic but they are extremely delightful!!! Yes, most dramas tend to fall into the typical drama playbook, spinning out trope after overused trope. The predictable-yet-still-delightful-and-exciting plotlines, which somehow for some reason, still resonate with viewers. The rich man falls … Continue reading Korean Series Should Be The Best Entertainment.